We know how hard it is when it comes to invest in equipment or even finding the correct buyers for it. Sellers want faster sells, more solvency and safer transactions. Buyers want transparency, no intermediaries and direct deals. That’s why we created this platform to make of this a trust worthy market place. Our low costs on advertising can help our consumers make the most profit out of their business and equipment. We also give our consumers all the instruments and coverage to conclude a faster sale.


[list style=”checkboxes”][list_item]Fully responsive[/list_item][list_item]Integrated inventory[/list_item][list_item]Simple and very easy for users to customize ads[/list_item][list_item]Economic prices that best fit your needs[/list_item][list_item]Coverage to all North America[/list_item][list_item]Risk team to make of our market a safe place[/list_item][list_item]Partnership with other marketplaces and selling agencies for faster sales[/list_item][/list]

[bolded]Featured Services[/bolded]

[featured_panel title=”Timed and Reserved Auction” icon=”1597″][/featured_panel]

[featured_panel title=”Shipping Quote” icon=”1596″][/featured_panel]

[featured_panel title=”Part Department” icon=”1598″][/featured_panel]

[featured_panel title=”Representative Asistance” icon=”1594″][/featured_panel]

[bolded]Detailed Services[/bolded]

[detailed_panel title=”Risk team” image=”1590″]A specialized team that does there best job constantly monitoring our platforms to keep the
frauds and dishonesty out of the market place. Realizing a background check on our consumers and sellers, and also giving consumers an opportunity to rate the sellers and leave a feedback.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Auto evaluation” image=”1589″]This system gives you an opportunity to know a close value of your equipment and helps you make a fast and safer sale. And also helps consumer get a fair deal on their investment.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Timed and Reserved auction” image=”1588″]This service gives consumers the opportunity to find what they are looking
for at the correct price. Also helps sellers make the most profit out of their equipment.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Transport” image=”1593″]We offer you the best options when it comes to price and Service.
How does it work? We have our drivers and heavy haul freighting Experts that can get any job and delivery accomplished. We also work with freighting platforms, if our conditions of delivery or price don’t fit your needs. So dont be afraid to contact us and try our services. No job is too big for us![/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Partnership” image=”1592″]We have created bonds between our sellers and buyers and also selling agencies and other
marketplaces to make of this your best experience.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Coverage” image=”1591″]We give out coverage to all of North America and have created a very strong point of sell with agencies south of the border looking for specific equipment to conclude a fast sale for your equipment.[/detailed_panel]


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